Everything is vibration

the frequency MEDICine

Frequencies are electromagnetic waves, light waves and sound waves. Used in a medically targeted manner, these can be used to restructure and order cells and cell assemblies.


All substances – both organic and an-organic – vibrate and give off electro-magnetic frequency spectra. The cells from which our organism is formed intotogetherbut also micro-organisms such as fungi, parasites and viruses generate specific frequency patterns that are present in our tissues.tissues and generate electromagnetic fields. form in and around us.


By vital field we mean a complex biophysical electromagnetic field that surrounds and permeates every living body. Within this Field takes place a changeThe effect of frequencies and thus resonance or a complex transmission of information takes place. This exchange of Vibrations is crucial for the quality of the function of any body.


Resonance refers to the process by which a very specific vibration causes a re- sonant body to resonate. These EMF fields enable direct communication in our body systems and influence its functions. The more efficient and less disturbed the communication the more cell energy (ATP) can be produced.

Always connected to the body

the human vital field

All physical electromagnetic energies together are called the vital field. When the human vital field is disturbed, disease can develop more easily.

On the one hand, every living being is in constant interaction with countless frequencies and electromagnetic fields by which we are penetrated and influenced. On the other hand, every living body also generates radiation of low intensity itself.Thus, different body tissues emit different, but in each case quite typical frequency patterns.

The vital field summarizes all electromagnetic energies that are inherent to every living organism.

In the field of biophysics, the realization that body systems communicate with each other biophysically is becoming increasingly widespread. It has been discovered that living organisms use not only molecules, but also electromagnetism as an information system and thus as a means of communication between cells and tissues. use

The vital field is dynamic and varies with time.

It is shaped by the individual characteristics of the person, as well as by momentary stresses and deficiencies, and is thus an electromagnetic image of the body’s own situation.

In the vital field treatment, frequencies and patterns are used that are predominantly based on natural models. The spectrum of natural ambient radiation ranges from frequencies below 1 Hz to the ultraviolet range. Devices for vital field treatment are available, with which different ranges of natural ambient radiation can be simulated and supplied to the body. Vital Field Technology is based on the fundamentals of the physical laws of vibration and resonance.

The combination of quantum physics and medicine opens up completely new possibilities in the energetic measurement and treatment  ofhumans by using the latest computer technology.

The vital field measurement

In this form  of analysis, sophisticated computer technology and thetechnology and the Global Diagnostics devicea special  measuring system, frequency-typical deviations from the body’s energetic The frequency deviations are measured and evaluated by a special measuring system.

The vital field treatment

Based on the analysis of the vital field measurement
selected frequencies are re-supplied by the vital field devices in such a way that deficiencies can be balanced and the body gets back into an energetically healthy resonance and order. 

Vital field therapy is completely painless and can also be used on sensitive patients or children.

The vital field measurement

Based on more than 200 individual measurements with Global-Diagnostics, the bioenergetic reaction pattern
of the human body is recorded and evaluated.
The functional energetic state of all organs like
Kidneys, lungs, heart and systems such as lymph, digestion, immune system and the musculoskeletal system is made visible.

The vital field analysis does not replace a classical diagnosis in the
traditional medical sense, but shows field structures and important energetic connections of the body.
This information points to possible hidden causes that can lead to specific symptoms.

The vital field measurement can generate the following findings:

Status Physical

Advice for the intake
vitamins, minerals, enzymes & Amino acids


Influence of past treatments

The effects 
of previously performed treatments

The internal organs

Evaluation of the changes of systems & organs

Energetic weak points

Energetic blockages in the physiological processes of the body

Environmental factors

External influences that have a disturbing effect on the body

The vital field treatment

Innovative therapists and medical professionals recognize the
great potential of the vital field technology.Due to the interaction between frequencies and the processes in the body, the vital field treatment can
directly that support the regeneration and self-healing processes . The vital field treatment is not a symptomatic treatment, rather the body
is supported in a gentle way to cope with its problems,
itself again.

This is done by targeted excitation of body structures with ultra-weak microcurrent signals as well as special magnetic fields and broadband electromagnetic spectra up to 120 billion Hz. 

In the meantime, more than 2500 physicians and therapists throughout Europe use the Vital Field Technology successfully one
and use the knowledge from over 25 years of development
and research. 

The vital field treatment is like a support, with which the human system gets the chance to regain its balance by itself. In this way:

The organism strengthened

Frequency spectra and electromagnetic fields can improve intracellular communication and strengthen the immune system.

Disease pathogen weakened

Pathogens such as microbes, bacteria and viruses can be specifically treated by electric frequency fields and energetically weakened.  

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