Daily loads

Man in imbalance

Noise, hectic social isolation, viruses, electrosmog, occupational stress – modern cities

put the health of mankind to a hard test.

According to the principle, the body is able to regenerate itself in most areas.

However, the trend of today’s urbanization poses increasing challenges to everyone’s health.

The sum of our daily burdens, such as chronic stress, electrosmog, malnutrition and too little exercise, lead to massive health problems and chronic diseases in more and more people.

When the sum of the stresses becomes too high, the available energy is often no longer sufficient to restore the physical balance. Mostly he shows complaints where he has his individual weak points.

The more stressed a body is and the further it is from its “self-regulation threshold”,the more energy it needs to regain its balance.

At a certain point, the body’s own regulation can no longer compensate for the increasing overload.

electromagnetic radiation exposure

What is electrosmog?

The daily exposure of humans and the environment to technically and artificially generated electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields has undesirable biological effects on human health,

magnetic and electromagnetic fields have undesirable biological effects on human health.

Electrosmog is an invisible phenomenon. In fact, electrosmog is physically explainable and detectable, because electromagnetic waves are real, just like sound waves or light. It’s just that we can’t consciously perceive them.

There is no clear definition for electrosmog itself. Essentially, it occurs as a side effect when electrical voltage is present or electrical current is flowing.

We must not forget: As humans, we are a biological organism that is not designed to be exposed to an environment full of technical frequencies.

In addition to natural earth radiation, frequencies from screens, microwaves, power lines, cell phones, broadcasting, radar, satellites, radio and more add up to a huge unnatural radiation potential.

With this amount, our body is simply overwhelmed.

In search of clues

The causes of diseases

There are many diseases for which the cause is unknown even in the scientific age – despite laboratory tests,
Whole-body magnetic resonance imaging, blood sampling, bone densitometry, or genetic analysis.
the reason for the disease cannot be found exactly. It is often an interaction of many stress factors.

Even though every body is unique, many clinical pictures can be grouped together – when they are problems in parts of the body that are particularly stressed by our way of life.
However, there are also diseases that are accumulated and whose individual causes cannot always be determined.

Basically, when researching the causes of diseases, a distinction is made between internal and external causes.


Genetic defects, heredity and prenatal developmental disorders.
Incorrect diet
Allergies/ intolerances
Cell growth
Autoimmune reactions
Burdens due to parasites/ micro-organisms

Lack of movement
Physical defects/ wear and tear
Traumatic experiences
Chemical and physical influences
Toxic loads
Mental stress
A living environment that is detrimental to health, radiation exposures


F. Albert Popp

The danger of electrosmog does not mean that we have to do without all the technical progress that makes our lives easier. It’s about consciously addressing how to reduce radiation exposure in our personal environment and how our bodies cope with electrosmog. Every person reacts differently to environmental influences.

In addition to symptoms such as insomnia, headaches, allergies and ringing in the ears, research shows a connection between burnout and technically generated electromagnetic fields.

According to the results, cell phone and WLAN radiation can lead to cell stress, as can constant professional or private overload and emotional tension.


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