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The basic building blocks of all matter are atoms – the various combinations of atoms form ninety-two
chemical elements that make up everything that exists on our planet. Even the smallest cells contain trillions of atoms and molecules.
A cell is the elementary basic unit of all living things. An adult human being consists of fifty thousand billion cells.


Our health is our most valuable asset on earth. It is directly linked to our quality of life and the use of our own potential. To maintain health, you need to know what health is and how it works.

Our cells are composed of atoms and atomic particles that are in constant motion/vibration.

In our body, countless highly complex metabolic processes take place permanently in fractions of a second, which serve to maintain homeostasis, the self-regulation, in our organism.

Well-functioning cells keep the concentration of ions, proteins and other substances of the entire body within the normal range.The function of a cell depends on feedback from its environment and ensures that all organs and the entire body can function well by balancing concentrations.

In order to understand the mechanisms of this self-regulation, a holistic-cybernetic basic understanding is required, which is not limited to the chemical-material level, but includes the biophysical and subtle-material processes and aspects.

Internal loads

Cell stress

Our cells can be negatively affected in their function by toxins, vital substance deficiencies or disturbed

intracellular communication can negatively affect the function of our cells.

Cell biologist Prof. Dr. Peter C. Dartsch




The health of the body’s cells can be influenced by various factors. Some factors,
come from within the body, such as disturbances in intracellular communication, other disturbance factors come from within the body.
from the environment such as electrosmog, UV radiation or pesticides.

The cell forms the smallest compact unit in the organism, with each individual cell mastering all metabolic processes such as respiration, reproduction, supply and disposal with nutrients just as perfectly as the body itself. The balance as well as the communication with the body takes place via ultra-weak electrical and electromagnetic impulses.

The healthy cell is the basis for a healthy organism!

Dysbalances in the human system first become noticeable at the cellular level. Cells may be nutrient deficient, suffer from degenerative processes, or be affected by oxidative stress.

Deeper-lying irregularities in the human organism, which are only superficially perceived by the patient, can subsequently lead to energetic imbalance and
Cell stress
lead.The declared goal of the Vital Field Technology is to measure,record and positively influence thecurrent deficiencies and energetic blockages in the body.

cell exchange

Intracellular communication

The exchange of signals between cells takes place during embryonic development but also in the finished organism,

at synapses in the nervous system or between cells of the immune system.

In our body, there is a constant exchange of information between the cells. Cells communicate with each other by means of light pulses, the so-called “biophotons”. In this way, they exchange information over specific frequencies.

In a healthy body, this exchange of information functions unhindered,so that every cell and thus every part of the body can fulfill its tasks.

When disruptive substances, such as toxins, environmental poisons, viruses, bacteria, allergens, or increasingly stressful radiation from cell phones, transmission masts or electrosmog affect the body, this can impede the vital communication between the cells.If this is disturbed, the work of the cells is of course also impeded, which subsequently manifests itself through various symptoms of disease in the human body.


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