The best known form of ambient radiation is the visible light emitted by the sun, moon and stars.
Much less known is the fact that these celestial objects as a whole also emit a very broad spectrum of electromagnetic
radiation which is invisible to us.

Over many millions of years, life on earth has developed under the influence of natural ambient radiation – in its entirety, it also controls and supports the processes in the human organism with incredible precision and complexity.

Since the Sun is the closest star to us, it is by far the most significant source of natural ambient radiation.

It generates its energy through nuclear fusion reactions, which take place inside the sun and thus also release a huge amount of high-energy radiation.

The radiation emitted by the sun is filtered by the earth’s atmosphere before it reaches the earth’s surface.

This weakening effect is strongly dependent on the wavelength of the radiation. Visible radiation, light, and certain parts of infrared radiation are transmitted almost unhindered, whereas UV radiation and other parts of infrared radiation are filtered out almost completely.

Since all organisms on earth have developed over a long period of time under the influence of natural environmental radiation, it can be assumed that this radiation is not only vital, but also has a significant influence on a healthy organism and its control. Likewise, a permanent lack of natural ambient radiation has a negative impact on all biological organisms.

Biophysics suggests that at least one of the control levels of ambient radiation is electromagnetic in nature – that is, it works with and via frequencies and fields, and in this way has a significant impact on life on Earth.

Especially known in this context are the Schumann resonances named after the German physicist and electrical engineer Otto Schumann – these are electromagnetic resonances of certain frequencies that form standing waves along the circumference of the earth, which are continuously maintained by lightning discharges.

The natural clock

Schuhmann resonances

Part of the atmosphere is formed by the well-known Schumann waves or resonances.

These waves are electromagnetic oscillations,

which are continuously sustained by lightning discharges occurring everywhere on earth.
has been calculated that there are more than 7 million lightnings worldwide.

The body needs both bio-chemical food and biophysical natural environmental radiation to live. At the physical level, control frequencies and energy conversion processes play a key role.

The fundamental frequency of Schumann resonances is about 7.8 Hz. This value may vary slightly, mainly due to weather-related changes in the Earth’s atmosphere. In addition, there are higher portions (modes) of the Schumann resonances, which can reach up to about 100 Hz. It is therefore assumed that the Schumann frequencies have become vital natural clocks for brain waves in the course of evolution.

By measuring human brain waves using EEG, it can be determined that the brain produces electromagnetic waves that range from 1 to 40 Hertz. A distinction is made between delta, theta, alpha, beta and gamma waves (between 0.2 Hz – deep sleep and 38 Hz – mental peak performance).

Delta waves are between 1 and 4 Hz and are produced by our brain when we are in deep sleep. Theta waves are between 4 and 8 Hz, which means that we are in the familiar dream state, but also experience deep states of relaxation, creativity and intuition.

The alpha frequency between 8 and 12Hz accompanies us in the relaxed waking state in the phase of falling asleep and waking up and during meditation.

Research has shown that the Schumann frequency is in exact resonance with the hippocampal frequency (brain part for learning and memory) of humans and all mammals.

The absence or deficiency of these frequencies in our environment can produce disturbances in general well-being such as drowsiness, headaches, pulse changes, and breathing changes.

In particular, Schumann frequencies, also known as “fair weather frequencies,” are believed to be responsible for recharging the body with energy and boosting the immune system. They provide well-being, creativity, the ability to learn and improve memory.

In space travel, Schumann generators have been used since the 1960s because it was determined that a lack of these waves would make astronauts ill.

Resonance Beings of Frequency (full movie)


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